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Excited with the gene list that came out of your latest experiment, you turn to conventional literature search tools to investigate your genes further, only to find this process anything but quick and easy. You have to look up each gene individually, gradually working your way through endless lists of publications, hoping to find relevant information.

When your searches produce hundreds or even thousands of results, this process quickly goes from painstakingly slow to impossible.

While tools like gene ontology or pathway enrichment could give you valuable biological insight into your genes, these approaches are limited to the information that has been incorporated in them and do not always contain the most recently published knowledge.

What if there was another way?

This is where BioReflect comes in. With its at-a-glance and up-to-date global overview, topic-based clustering, and integration with PubTator disease annotations, BioReflect helps you breeze through those laboursome literature studies.

Flexibility is at the core of BioReflect. Based on your specific needs, it can be applied to different research fields and questions, processing additional data sources, such as clinical trials or patents, where necessary. Get in touch with us to discuss how BioReflect can help you solve your problems!

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it's Google for biotech
— a BioReflect user —


No more endless sifting through long, one-dimensional lists of publications. See and explore your complete search result in one global, interactive, and visual overview.

Find the publications most relevant to your research faster and discover new insights.

Machine learning powered

BioReflect uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and dimension reduction techniques to group publications by their content.

This automated clustering helps you select interesting publications and discover new hypotheses.


The basic version of BioReflect helps you to make sense of a list of genes and is the perfect personal literature study assistant.

BioReflect can also be fully customised to your specific needs, with a range of settings from including differential analysis results and additional search options, to the integration of external databases or even your company's branding.


Our academic and private clients who have successfully used BioReflect in their research


This demo version gives you an overview of the scientific literature on the ten genes in the "WikiPathways SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Pathway" gene set. Together, these 10 genes returned a total of 18,520 publications1. It is impossible to effectively process this many papers by hand. However, with BioReflect you can quickly highlight the main topics, focus your search on the papers most relevant to your research, and discover new insights.

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1. PubMed search performed on 13 October 2021

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